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Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, I'm so excited for you! Every baby is a miracle and how blessed are we that we can grow them in our very own stomachs! I have a new love for maternity photography. One I didn't have when I started because now I'm a mom myself. I've watched my body go from familiar to odd and then to very different. 

I've felt my little boy kick and roll within me and I've watched myself stretch beyond what I thought was imaginable and then almost as fast as it started, it was over. Nine months seems like a really long time until it's over; and then you can't get it back with that same baby ever again. Maternity photos are something you cannot put a price on, you can't even see the full value of them until pregnancy is over. One thing I know to be true is you will treasure having pictures of yourself pregnant for your whole life. Every time you see those images immediately you will be brought back to the simpler days of your life changing into a brand new era of motherhood. 

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