"Thank you so much! We love the pictures! Can we purchase them any time? I have family coming in from out of town that wants to buy some too so I was just going to place a big order when they get here."

-Amanda T.

"Thank you so much. They look great and we will be contacting you for home sessions 😊 How do I purchase pics from here?"

-Sara B.

"Thank you I love them how long will they be available for purchase??"

-Jessica W.

"Thanks Taylor! How much is an in home session? ... Awesome! I'm very interested. Let me get back with you. I live in the Citrus hills area. Would you be available sometime next week maybe?"

-Elizabeth G.

"I love them all came out amazing how long do I have to purchase them? ... Okay will definitely be buying and im look to get family pictures done in July will definitely keep you in mind as well"

-Pina I.

"These turned out great, thank you so much!! I would actually like to get more newborn photos done, with my husband and myself and our older kids. Could we schedule something?"

-Angela M.

"I absolutely love the black and white one It's beautiful Thank you so much"

-Destany  N.

"I love the pictures, how do I purchase them? Would I be going through the link? Thank you again for the pictures they are precious! I will definitely be recommending you!"

-Diana B.

"Ok. I definitely want to buy the digital downloads of all of them, They came out great. And I'd definitely like to get family pics eventually when the budget allows it."

-Jennifer D.

"I love them. I was wondering if I bought them all is it cheaper."

-Sheena H.

"Thank you so much!! They're absolutely beautiful and I'm sure besides my husband and I that family will order as well...Would love to collaborate with you sometime in the near future to do a family photo shoot I liked your page and sent you an invite to like my model page. Looking forward to ordering pics and working with you hopefully in the future also will send you a request on Instagram as I have one as well thank you again"

-Amanda P.

"I love the pics. Wish when you came back Saturday morning, they weren't hooking me up to the heart monitor. I would've love to have gotten then family pics we were talking about. Can you tell me more about your packages & pricing please?"

-Kim G.

"You did an amazing job, i will deffinately be buying some thank you so much."

-Ashley M.

"I LOVE them! Is there a way to order a thumb drive of them all?"

-Sonya G.

"Hi Taylor!! Thank you so much 😊 I love them all. I will purchasing some of them this coming week!"

-Caitlin D.

"THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!...❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️😍😍😍😍😍I certainly will again thank U ...blessed night lots of love UR way."

-Diana C.

"These are the sweetest, thank you for capturing such precious moments. ❀️"

-Allison H.

"Aww thank you Taylor!! I really appreciate it. I love the photos. I will definitely keep you in mind for my future photos. I actually want to take family pics with both my boys."

-Tamika J.πŸ™‚

"Thank u so much they turned out beautiful I will definitely be sharing."

-December L. 

"They look great! How much do you charge for newborn session?"

-Haley C.

"Yes, this one is my favorite for sure!! Can you tell me how to go about purchasing again? It was busy that day in the hospital. Also, what do you charge for family photos? I saw that that may be an option from your page :)"

-Annie S.πŸ™‚

"Thank you so much Taylor i really appreciate it πŸ™‚ i absolutely love the photos you took they turned out amazing❀."

-Jodi S.

"They turned out awesome! Thank you so much for taking these, we really appreciate it."

-Kayla G.

"Oh super. This one you have displayed is the money shot? We've got one of my daughter and I at the beach that we put on huge canvas for last Christmas, and we wanted to get a smaller one of Royce as newborn. Thank you so much! I'll be in touch soon."

-Eve P.

"I'm in love with the photos I'll discuss it with my mom and get back to you as soon as I can."

-Cheyanne C.

"They are beautiful! Thank you! I will get back to you soon about purchasing."

-Jennifer M.

"Thank you so much they came out amazing. And would love to get family pictures

done by you. "<--(dad of baby)

-William P.

"They're amazing! If I order the downloads can I get my own prints made? Because I have a huge family lol"

-Taylor I.

"They are absolutely beautiful! You did such a wonderful job! Thank you so much! Now, how do I go about ordering?" 

-Aylssa C.

"You did such an amazing job! I love them all! I will definitely be ordering the digital files and maybe some other things. Thank you so much."

-Sabrina J.

"Of course I'll share your page and recommend it to anyone I know! We love them!!! Thanks again!!! Hope you have a great and successful 2017 and God bless!! 😊"

-Joahna B.

"we choosing the pic to download... we love the pic that you took!!"

-Mimang  S.

"amazing! Thank you again truly! I was so emotional to see those(: you did fabulous! Once purchased and that form has been sent to me, is that valid for all the photos? (That are purchased of course) Have a wonderful night"

-Brooklyn D.

"What an amazing job you did. Thank you for capturing our beautiful day with our little girl... Happy thanksgiving! And I would love to book with you for family pics sometime"

-Jessica M.

"Oh my god. I told myself I wouldn't look because I needed to sleep but Ahhhhhhhhh! They are all so perfect. We'll go through and figure out what we're doing but I love them ALL! You're so wonderful. The breastfeeding ones came out so beautiful I'm so happy we did it! Yay! And you captured the kids and Donny with him so wonderfully. Can't thank you enough."

-Brittany  H.

"They are amazing!! Thank you so much. And a christmas shoot sounds awesome! Just let me know what your pricing would be. It was great meeting you as well!!"

-Ashley J.

"I did take a good look at the photos and they stirred up all sorts of great emotions πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ. Today has been a challenging day with breastfeeding, but I most definitely will be purchasing some pictures from you. Thank you again πŸ˜„πŸ’™"

-Tyisha K.

"Thank you love the pictures"

-Casey L.

"Thank you so much!! I'll share and get some once we are home and settled..I love them!"

-Michelle A.

"Thank you. Just received the link and love them. Will be in touch when we're ready to purchase."

-Guyette L.

"Thank You so much they are wonderful!!! You are awesome and I'll keep you in mind for upcoming photos."

-Stephanie N.

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