Hey loves! 

I'm Taylor Moulton, the owner, photographer, director and editor of Wombs to weddings Photography. I've put down roots in a small town named Inverness, located in Central Florida; however I'm a traveling enthusiast, so just know I'm willing to travel anywhere you need me to go. When I'm not shooting, editing or fueling my fix for coffee you can find me at our home church praising Jesus, barefoot in my backyard with my 5 year old baby boy or thrifting for treasures. I have an intense love for the outdoors, cool fall breezes, cats, and I am down right, madly in love with documentary lifestyle photography. I truly adore what I do. I have been passionately photographing people since I was a sophomore in high school and I can honestly say I wouldn't ever choose to do anything else. 

There is something so invigorating about freezing a moment in time that can never be replicated and for me I so sincerely want to capture the pure emotion that is you and keep things as natural as can be. YOUR wedding day, YOUR  intimate relationship with YOUR  spouse. YOUR special moments with YOUR kids. YOUR unique birth story. All of these moments in life are specific to every person and they are gone in the blink of an eye, I want to be the woman you are so happy you contacted to seize the moment of what your life is like right now. 

"From the womb to the wedding aisle and every phase of life in between." 

Aside from Maternity and Weddings I shoot births (home or hospital), Fresh 48s, Newborn lifestyle, Newborn studio, milestone sessions, birthday parties and cake smashes, families, holiday minis, senior sessions, engagements and elopements.         


I love shadows, I love golden rim light, I love vintage muted colors and matted blacks. I love details and closeness. I love shallow depth of field. I love capturing personalities and the authentic love my clients have for one another. I love prime lenses and the need to move my feet to get what I want. I love movement and emotion and the story that's being told through documentary photography. I love staring at photographs that set my soul on fire; the ones that make me want to tear up and keep looking at them over and over like I'm trying to re-read them. I love when I find clients who value all of these things too, because that's when the magic happens. 

I'm excited to chat with you more and answer any questions that you may have. Let's go get some coffee! I look forward to hearing from you soon! Be blessed.                                            

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