Extraordinarily honest,

wedding and portrait photography.

The middle of Florida is where I call home, though 

I could never turn down an opportunity to travel.

Hi friends! I'm Taylor,

That big side bang, sunglass wearing, fake eyelash loving girl over there! 

I am a passionate photojournalistic wedding and portrait photographer that loves to document love in all it's forms. Based out of little old citrus county, in Central Florida I have a yearning for the simple things; Golden puddles of natural glowy light, genuine moments of laughter and raw emotive storytelling photographs that are hung on walls and treasured for lifetimes.  

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I'm proud to say I serve a lifetime of niches; the head over heels in love to the raw and brilliant stages of motherhood and beyond.

Your life is an ever changing legacy that deserves to be documented!

Whether it's in your mama's backyard or the grandest of wedding halls...the comfort of your home or the most pristine birthing center. I would love to show you the BREATH TAKING BEAUTY of your once in a lifetime moments played out through my eyes because your story is so, so worth it!!

Capturing all of life's moments from the womb to the wedding aisle. 

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I'm so thrilled you've found me!!! What season of life speaks to you most?

Wombs, Weddings or somewhere in between...  

"When people look at my pictures

I want them to feel the way they do when

they want to read a line of a poem twice."

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Ah!! I just love that quote SO MUCH,

it resonates so deep inside my bones. 

Nothing could be more true.

I just want to provide that same type of joy

for all my clients forever and always.

If you also want photographs that don't just

capture your face but rather your emotions and love

then it's possible we could be the PERFECT FIT for each other! (:

A picture of me and my first born; Luce  

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Let's make magic happen!

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