Wombs to weddings Photography

Extraordinarily honest, lifestyle photography from the womb to the wedding aisle.

Serving central Florida and surrounding areas. 


Hi friends! I'm Taylor, I am a passionate journalistic lifestyle photographer that loves to document love in all it's forms. Based out of little old citrus county, FL I have a yearning for the simple things; Mama's to be in lovely golden hour light, wind blown hair and snuggles with your kiddos are some of my favorite moments to photograph.

If you're searching for a gallery full of stiff, everyone looking and smiling at the camera photos - you are definitely in the wrong place my dear. While I want some of the photos to show your beautiful smiling faces, I want much more to give you a storytelling experience that conveys the authentic connection going on between you and your loved ones. Photographs that are unique to YOU and stand the test of time. 


My heart delights in hearing my clients walk away from my session saying "That felt so easy, and fun." Because taking photographs really should be. But delivering images that stir your emotions and capture your fleeting memories perfectly, is not only a privilege but an honor and I want to give that to every single person I photograph. 

"She was made for this and I could never put my faith in anyone else’s hands. It was my first maternity shoot, let alone my first photo shoot period. I went into it not knowing what to expect, how to pose, how even to smile. 🤭 What I left with was an experience I will NEVER forget. All I can say is THANK YOU."



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